■ Issuing a new student's school number

  • To be issued on February 27 (individual text guide)


■ Starting the first semester

  • 2020. 3.2 (month) 01:00


■ Enrollment/Registration for 1st semester

  • Application period: 2020. 2.13 (title) - 2.19 (number)
  • How to apply: Apply for and register for classes after logging in to the university's homepage or admission support center.
  • Login ID/password is the same as the admission website (test/password)
  • Application for classes: minimum of 4 subjects (12 credits or more)
  • mandatory freshman webinars (one credit) when applying for classes
  • Determine the number of subjects by considering the time that can be devoted to learning for one semester.
  • 1 subject (3 credits) requires at least 1 hour of study per week.
  • 3 - 4th grade major may have a high level of difficulty.
  • 1st graders are required to apply for classes based on major and liberal arts courses.
  • Log in to the school website - Use 'Guided Home'.
  • 'Change of subjects' is possible within the course correction period after the start of the course, but no additional subjects can be added.
  • 4 major thesis for master's degree (separate from orientation)
  • 3 doctoral dissertations (separate from orientation)


■ What are your first semester enrollment credits?

  • Usually, you can apply for four or more courses (12) or more in three credits or up to six or You can apply for six courses (18 credits).
  • Consideration is given to one semester's compulsory course, 'New Webinar', and three courses are available below.


  1. 12+1 (New Webina) = 13 credits (5 subjects)

  2. 15+1 (New Webina) = 16 credits (6 subjects)

  3. 18+1 (New Webina) = 19 credits (7 subjects, maximum) 

■ Buying course materials

  • May not require teaching materials at all times.
  • Purchase (recommended) if required for the course after the start of the course.


■ Universal (charge) public certificate registration

  • You can register after logging in to the university homepage (guide home).
  • Free public certificate users need to issue a new 'universal' public certificate

  • Double-purpose public certificate registration is recommended prior to the start of the course.


■ Major student services

  • University e-mail issueStudent card issued (use after installing mobile app, later on)
  • Library use (U.S. schools only)
  • Apply for a hospital discount (only on the U.S. main campus)


■ Apply for a national (U.S.) scholarship

  • Apply for the corresponding manual on the school's website.


■ 1st semester entrance ceremony

  • 2020. 2.29 (Tuesday) 14:00 U.S. Main School
  • Orientation by department before and after the event


■ Key contacts