1. Objects
American Orientalism University was established with one main goal in mind: to provide traditional as well as online opportunities for motivated people to prepare themselves for an ever changing world.
AOU was founded in 2012 as a cyber-university to provide education opportunities through online education. It opens the door of schooling to those who otherwise might be shut out because they are located far away from university campuses or are older than their classroom peers. Whether if you are 18 or 80, AOU welcomes you.
Motivated people around the world can take advantage of AOU’s offerings to take classes in a number of fields to acquire degrees at low expense.
You can study at your leisure, but if you are in a hurry to gain a credential or to quality for a career opportunity, you can apply for the university’s Fast-Track courses that are offered year-around.
Our students do their best, AOU will meet them halfway to help them develop their scholarly pursuits, professional goals or to gain new perspectives on the world.

2. Goals
AOU is committed to offering high quality learning opportunities to the global community. The university studies the latest in online and e-learning in order to remain on the cutting edge, and also relies on its own faculty and expertise to maintain an excellent university.
In particular, we reach out to those who are:

Low-income: We are committed to offering high-quality education opportunities at a reasonable price to people around the world who need better education to participate in the world’s knowledge economy.
Isolated by location: AOU’s online courses mean that even people who live in remote areas can have opportunities to obtain a quality higher education at a reasonable price.

3. University Discipline

4. Mission
Excellent courses across all levels, from introductory to advanced majors
Development of programs for practical usage in society.
Establishment of infra the research
Cultivate and groom students for academic careers.
Global development of scholastic pursuits

5. Accomplishments
Founded in December 2012, the university established a global network, with campuses in Germany, Japan, China, Korea, and India.