• Article 4 (Term of Classes) The term of classes of this University shall be four (4) years (eight (8) semesters). Provided, that according to the university system formation permitted by the authorities, the university may adopt ‘education authentication system’, ‘bachelor examination system’, ‘half-bachelor system’, ‘half-master system’, and ‘half-doctor system’ based on the procedures of “Deliberation Committee.”
  • Article 5 (Terms of Attendance)
  1. The terms of attendance of the University shall be one(1), two (2), four (4), six (6), and eight (8) years. Provided, that, the term of attendance of enrolled students & transferred students shall not exceed more than residual term of classes by 1.5 times.
  2. If a student who cannot complete the whole courses of the University after passing the terms of attendance, the University shall strike the student’s name off the university register.
  3. Period of leave of absence shall not be included to the term of attendance.
  • Article 6 (Academic Regulations regarding postgraduate degree) Academic policies and regulations regarding postgraduate degree shall be provided separately.


  • Article 7 (Credit and Semester) University year shall commence on Mar. 01 and end on the last day of Feb. of next year and university year shall be divided into the 1st semester and the 2nd semester:

          The 1st semester: from Mar. 01 to the last day of Aug.
The 2nd semester: from Sep. 01 to the last day of Feb. of next year
          Provided, that the semester may begin before the opening day within the limits of not exceeding two (2) weeks.

  • Article 8 (The number of university days) The number of university days shall be 30 or more weeks per year (15 or more weeks per semester).
  • Article 9 (Holidays) The regular holidays are as follows:
  1. The summer vacation
  2. The winter vacation
  3. The university anniversary
  4. Saturday, Sunday
  5. National holidays and temporary holidays
  • Article 10 (Special holidays)
  1. Special holidays and the change of vacation may be decided by the president as occasion demands.
  2. The University may give supplementary lessons during holidays as occasion demands.
  3. The president shall have the rights to include the lectures during vacation to the number of university days for completing the required number of classes of half-bachelor.



  • Article 11 (Time of Admission) The time allowing the admission, readmission, changing majors or transfer shall be within 30days from the beginning of the university semester.

        Provided, that the University may, from time to time, allow the transfer to college and postgraduate course including on-line formation university system authorized to the              university.


  • Article 12 (Qualifications of Enrollment) The persons who can be admitted to grade 1 of undergraduate students shall be fallen under any of the following subparagraphs:
  1. Students who graduated from a high university or have academic ability equal to that of a high school graduate.
  2. Students who have completed the school curriculum school of grade 12 or more in a foreign country. Provided, that the persons who go through the process of education certification process or bachelor exams and passes the screening according to the terms and procedures provided in the school system can be admitted under the approval of the president and through the deliberation of Deliberation Committee even if they do not meet the qualifications of aforesaid 1 or 2. Details shall be provided in the bylaws.
  • Article 13 (Transfer)
  1. For transfer, the number of transfer students shall be selected in the sum of the number of students enrolled in the first grade and second grade, which shall coincide with the number reported to the Ministry of Education concerning the number of change in the school register for the previous semester. As the eligibility for transfer admission, students have completed more than 3 years of 4-year regular university or have more than same qualifications. Provided, that the transfer students shall apply to off-line college system and may choose half-school system of this university.
  2. The persons who have the bachelor degrees may be transferred to the third grade as supernumerary students. The number shall be within 10% of quota by department and within 5% of the quota of the third grade. This provision applies to only off-line college system.
  3. Students who have been expulsed at the former college due to disciplinary action shall not be transferred to the University.
  • Article 14 (Readmission)
  1. In case students who left university or expulsed apply for readmission, they can be allowed to readmit if there is vacancy at the same department and the same grade. Provided, that this provision applies to only off-line college system.
  2. Only one time of permission is available by each applicant.
  • Article 15 (Supernumerary admission) The admission of applicants who fall under article 2-3 of Quota of Undergraduate shall be supernumerary.


  • Article 16 (Application Documents for Admission)
  1. The applicants who want to apply for this university shall submit the prescribed application form of the university with the documents of following subparagraphs and screening fee:
    1) Prescribed application form
    2) Graduation (Completion) Certificate or graduating student certificate, and other documents to prove eligibility. Provided, that the applicants who are belonged to the certified the scholastic ability or the bachelor exams passed from Deliberation Committee for Enrollment Qualifications and Degrees Grant Verification Committee according to university system of this university.
    3) High School cumulative records and transcript
    4) Other documents listed in the entrance requirements
  2. The applicant for readmission or the persons who fall under article 12-2 hereof may be exempted from the submission of documents of aforesaid article 16-2) and 16-3) hereof.
  3. The document and screening fee shall not be returned.

Article 17 (Admission, Transfer, and Readmission Process)

  1. For the applicants for new admission, the admission process shall screen the high school cumulative records and transcript and the scores of College Scholastic Ability Test and may include the examination at the college applied and medical checkup. Provided, that the terms and conditions of admission process may be subject to change depending on the characteristics of the country where the establishment of this university is permitted.
  2. The applicants for transfer shall be selected by the application review processes. Provided, that medical checkup may be conducted.
  3. The applicants for readmission shall be selected by the application review processes. Provided, that medical checkup may be exempted.

Article 18 (Admission Procedures and required documents)

  1. The applicants who have passed the admission process shall pay the prescribed tuition and go through any and all procedures necessary for study.
  2. The applicants who have passed the admission process by using fraudulent means or the applicants who do not complete the aforesaid procedures may be cancelled the admission.

Article 19 (Surety, Collateral Surety)

  1. Students shall give a surety (such as parents or other person) who can take the responsibility for school expenses and personal affairs while the students are in this university.
  2. If the surety or collateral surety passed away or loses his/her ability to guarantee, the students shall give a new surety or collateral surety and submit a written oath or affidavit of support immediately.

Article 20 (Changing majors)

  1. Sophomore and junior can apply for changing majors within 30days in the beginning of the semester. 있다. The president shall work out the regulations for the enforcement of changing majors separately and enforce the regulations.
  2. Students changed majors need to take the all the required courses for major complete regardless of the credit they have obtained up to that time and obtain the prescribed credits. Details shall be decided separately.


  • Article 21 (Enrollment)
  1. Students shall enroll during the enrollment period at the beginning of each semester.
  2. The enrollment procedures are completed by signing up for course and paying tuition fees. Provided, that the students who reside in South Korea may pay the tuition fees to Korea Business Support Association of this University.
  • Article 22 (Signing up for Courses)
  1. For signing up for courses, students shall apply the courses to be signed up to the dean via the advisers and obtain the approval of the dean of academic affairs.
  2. Students shall not change the approved courses discretionally. In case of changing the approved courses, the students shall submit a change-of-course form and obtain the approval of the dean of academic affairs.



  • Article 23 (Leave of Absence) Students who want to leave of absence due to diseases or owing to unavoidable circumstances for two (2) or more months shall ask leave of absence with the joint signature of surety and obtain the approval of the president. Provided, that students shall submit the medical certificate in case of disease or other documentary evidences in case of other reasons.
  • Article 24 (Period for Leave of Absence)
  1. The period for leave of absence shall not exceed a total of six semesters and two semesters in a row. Provided, that the leave of absence by military service shall not be included in the period of leave of absence.
  2. In case of wanting to leave after the expiration of the period of leave due to disease, the students shall submit the medical certificate issued by a specialist and obtain the approval of the president.
  • Article 25 (Returning to University) The students who stay out of university temporarily shall submit the application form for returning to university within the prescribed period before the enrollment period and obtain the approval of the president.


  • Article 26 (Withdrawal) Students who want to withdraw due to diseases or owing to unavoidable circumstances for two (2) or more months shall submit the application form for withdrawal with the joint signature of surety and obtain the approval of the president.
  • Article 27 (Expulsion) In case of falling under any of following subparagraphs, the president shall expulse the student:
  1.  Who is not returned to university within the prescribed period after passing the period for leave of absence without reason 
  2. Who fails to complete the enrollment within the prescribed period at every semester
  3. Who is admitted to other university
  4. Who fails to complete prescribed courses after passing the terms of attendance
  5.  Who is seemed as there is no hope to do academic performance due to disease, decease or other reasons
  6. Who has been placed under academic probation for two or more times
  7. Who is found guilty of murder
  8. Who damages the university’s reputation and other students’ honors seriously or is talked about, caused trouble or does violence continuously, or puts own major or degree down habitually
  9. Who stays away from university without leave for the period of exceeding one (1) month or has no record of attending on-line course by semester.



  • Article 28 (Courses) The courses are divided into liberal arts courses and major courses and the major courses are divided into required courses and elective ones.
  • Article 29 (Semester hour of courses) The semester hour of courses shall be the credit. One credit is equivalent to 15 or more lectures for a semester. Provided, that for laboratory, practical training, and physical training, one credit is equivalent to 30 or more lectures for a semester.
  • Article 30 (Curriculum) Details of curriculum of this university shall be decided by detailed rules.
  • Article 31 (Multiple Majors)
  1. Students who have completed all the prescribed courses up to the second grade or who have completed all the major courses may complete the course of multiple majors under the approval of the president. Provided, that the term of completion shall be within the range of article 4 (Terms of Attendance).
  2. The students who select multiple majors shall complete all the minimum major credits of multiple majors.
  3. The students who have completed multiple majors shall be entitled to be granted the prescribed degree.
  4. Details on the completion of multiple majors shall be decided separately.


  • Article 32 (Class Schedule) The class schedule for each semester shall be put into effect after receiving the approval of the President before classes begin.
  • Article 33 (Restriction on Taking Class) Student who do not complete the enrollment shall not take classes.
  • Article 34 (Teaching Methods) The university may open seasonal session, hour classes, classes by means of broadcasting, communications, and on-line, placement, or clinical training. Provided, that seasonal session is opened for five (5) weeks during summer and winter vacation, respectively, and students are able to obtain up to a maximum of 5 credits. In addition, if students study at a public or private institution, the students are entitled to be recognized up to a maximum of 50% of the credits received from the public or private institution by the documentary evidences issued by the chief of such institution. Details on the courses to be opened, the qualifications of students who sign up for courses, and the enforcement thereof shall be decided by the president separately.


  • Article 35 (Examination) Students shall take midterm exam and final exam at each semester within the scope of the lessons learned. In case of need, there may be occasional tests. Provided, that for on-line courses, students may get a grade through the examination by registered mail and the field examination (to be taken while the advisor does local tour).
  • Article 36 (Attendance) Students who have not attended 2/3 or more out of the total number of class hours or who have not marked the on-line lecture process for 10 or more out of 15 times shall be disqualified from entering for an examination. Provided, that the students who have unavoidable circumstances including disease may enter for an examination after going through real inspection of the university.
  • Article 37 (School Grades)
  1. The grade point average of each course shall be based on 4.5 reflecting the attendance, tasks, and results of exams. At this time, MOU grade may be granted.
  2.  School Grades System:
    Actual scores
    90- 94 .
    85- 89 .
    80- 84 .
    75- 79 .
    70- 74 .
    65- 69 .
    60- 64 .
    0- 59
    Not evaluating the grade
    Not evaluating the grade
  3. The passing grade per course shall be above D. If failed in required course, the students should retake the course. 
  4. If not evaluating the grade, P means Pass and NP means failure.
  • Article 38 (Supplementary Examination)
  1. Student who cannot take the regular exams owing to unavoidable circumstances including disease may take the supplementary examination under the approval of the Department Chair before the beginning of the regular exams.
  2. If not obtained the approval of the Department Chair through no particular fault of students’ own, the students may apply for the approval by submitting the documentary evidences immediately after the termination of reason. 
  3. The maximum grade of supplementary exams shall be B+.


  • Article 39 (Recognition of Credit)
  1. For the course recognized as Pass, the prescribed credit is recognized. 
  2. The credit is recognized by the end of the semester.
  • Article 40 (Cancellation of Credit) Even if credit is approved, where there is error or cheating is turn out, the credit shall be cancelled.
  • Article 41 (Credits to be obtained by semester)
  1. The credits to be obtained by semester shall be 18 and the maximum credits by semester shall be 21.
  2. If students get GPA of more than 3.70 in the previous semester, they are entitled to apply for up to 3 credits than they can apply for credits available.
  3. Details on credits shall be decided by the president separately.
  • Article 42 (Credits for Graduation and Completion)
  1. The credits for graduation shall be 129-140.
  2. The credits required for completion of each grade shall be as follows:
    1) Freshman: 36 credits
    2) Sophomore: 72 credits
    3) Junior: 108credits
    4) Senior: 140 credits
  3. The university acknowledges the graduation to the students who have completed the prescribed courses and passed the graduation screening. Provided, that the persons related to ‘education certification’ or ‘bachelor exams’ of this university under the authority of the authorities shall follow the provisions of article 4-2-2 of this regulation.
  • Article 43 (Credits Acceptance of Transfer Students) The credits of the transfer students are admitted only the credits of courses that are recognized by the University out of the credits earned at a previous university.
  • Article 44 (Graduation Thesis)
  1. A graduate-to-be shall submit the graduation thesis.
  2. For the schools where it is difficult to submit the graduation thesis or the persons who fall under article 42-3 of this provision, the graduation thesis may be substituted with laboratory, practice, performance test, clinical case study report or comprehensive exams.
  3. The graduation thesis shall be submitted within the prescribed date.
  4. The graduation thesis directors shall be full-time teachers or teachers or lecturers who have the doctor’ degree and are on the staff of the university appointed by the president. The graduation thesis directors shall be appointed at the beginning of the school year and 3-5 graduation thesis directors shall screen the thesis and decide the pass or failure.
  5. For the students having completed the prescribed courses and passed the thesis screening, the university shall admit the graduation and confer the diploma of graduation and certificate of an academic degree on the students.
  6. For the department requiring practice and clinical presentation, the individual ability should be determined and opened. The practice presentation may be conducted by group, if necessary. .
  7. For a person having the bachelor’s degree or more at this university or a previous university is appointed as the mandatory professor after completion of the master’s or doctor’s course at this university, if he/she passes the thesis screening before completion of the prescribed courses, the president may confer on the degree in advance on him/her through the deliberation of Degree Deliberation Committee.
  • Article 45 (Cancellation of Graduation and Degree) If any graduates or holder of degree of this university have damaged the honor and reputation of university as well as the majors and degree for serval times with bad words and deeds, the president may cancel the graduation and degree through the deliberation of Inspection Committee.
  • Article 46 (Academic Probation) The students whose GPA is under 1.5 at the end of each semester or who receive F in more than three courses shall be placed under academic probation. Details on academic probation shall be decided by the president separately.


  • Article 47 (Payment of Tuition) The regulations for payment of tuition and refund are as follows:
  1. The tuition shall be paid in a lump sum. Provided, that it is impossible to pay it in a single payment, it can be paid through installment payments for 3times during the related semester.
  2. In case of re-enrollment of a student who stays out of university temporarily, the tuition may be paid through installment payments for 2times during the related semester.
  3. For the students who are suspended, dismissed or expelled from university, even if they obtain admission to this university, the installment payments of tuition shall not be admitted.
  4. If failing to pay the tuition even though the opportunity mentioned in aforesaid 1, 2 and 3 hereof, the university may order the suspension from university.
  5. If a student who already paid the tuition wants to leave university halfway, he/she may ask for the refund of tuition. It is refunded after deduction of the following ratios considering the nature of online system: the 1st day after the opening date: 30% of tuition paid; the 3rd day: 40%; the 5th day: 60%; the 10th day: 80%; the 20th day: 90%; and on and after the 30th day: No Refund.